Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back Again

Back again after a long absence to share more exciting dating stories, daily funnies, oh and everything in between. ;-) I have been thinking about blogging a lot the last six months or so but lately it has been coming up more and more and I can take a hint. This is something I truly love and enjoy and I’m rekindling the desire to blog.

To start off with I have some incredibly funny single interactions, None of these stories can be classified as dating experiences but perhaps potential ask outs gone horribly wrong?!
First up is Mr. Age Struck

Now I need to give a brief background on this one. My mom has been skeptical about some of the stories I have shared with her about encounters with the opposite sex, assuming I believe that I embellish the stories. Truthful these encounters are so amazingly awkward and comedic on their own that no extra is needed.

Alright the scene is after Sacrament in the foyer of an YSA ward in South Jordan, Utah on January 6th. My mom was in town for my birthday and came to the singles ward with my brother and me. She was in the foyer waiting on my brother and I. Now as moms often do they tend to watch others interacting with their children or notice who is noticing their kids, my mom is no different. She had spied a young man paying particular attention to me, so she was anticipating it when he approached me seconds after I joined here in the foyer.

Mr. Age Struck opened with thanking me for being so tall. I told him he was welcome while thinking yeah because I totally had control over how tall I grew?! He was a bit fixated on my height as he kept saying how awesome it was, and cool my height was, etc. At this point I had said he was welcome, or I tried my best to be tall a few times when he realized that my mother was also standing there.  

Mr. Age Struck: “Why are you here?”

Mom: “I’m here visting.”

Mr. Age Struck: (turning to me) “Don’t  you live here?”

Me: “I do live here now.”

Mom: “I am just here visiting from Colorado.”

Mr. Age Struck: “Oh.” (confused as to why a mom would be in a singles ward visiting)

Mom: “Laura just had her birthday, I am here visiting because of her birthday.”

Side bar here, you know those moments in life were you can see the next few moments unfolding before they happen? This was what happened in this moment. I knew once he learned my age he would be shocked. Experience told me that 99% of people are and think I am years younger than I truly am.

Mr. Age Struck: “How old are you?”

Me: “I just turned 28.”

Mr. Age Struck went silent, his eyes went wide and he had that terrified deer in the headlights look. His mouth fell open slightly. I truly am not making this up people, his mouth made a little oh of surprise. Now as awkward as this initial reaction was it was compounded with the linger silence. Mom and I exchange a couple of quick glances as Mr. Age Struck slowly was permanently becoming a statue of surprise. This lingering silenced last for a good 30 seconds before my mom smacked him on the arm and said:

“That’s kind of rude you know!”

The spell was broken and again Mr. Age Struck had utterance, and oh the elegance that come forth from his mouth...

Mr. Age Struck: “You…You…You… don’t look it.” (slowly backing away in retreat) “You don’t look it.” And he practically ran out of the foyer back through the chapel to get away from the aged old hag in his midst that appeared to be a youthful women of twenty! Mom and I looked at each other and with utter astonishment and pure mirth animating our eyes and we started to laugh.

I did learn later that Mr. Age Struck was 24 and had always been a socially awkward kid and that considering his younger years this was a pretty normal encounter with him. For mom it was an eye opening realization of my single encounters and proof that my ‘crazy stories’ before were in fact the truth. As for me it was just a down right hilarious experience that I hope you all will enjoy and get a kick out of as well.

Next post you’ll meet Mr. Mighty Man!

Write to you soon,


P.S. Mr. Age Struck moved out of the ward a few weeks later, perhaps it was our encounter…

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