Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day

I had a wonderful Memorial Day and was lucky to spend a good portion of it with Shmany (my little brother Daniel). We started the morning by going and visiting our elder sister, Angela's, grave site.

It took us a while to find the gravestone. For some reason it always takes me a while but we found it and our wonderful Aunt Edith had already put some flowers out. It was a really nice day with LOADS of people but we were very fortunate to be able to find parking right away and be able to leave without delays.

Clearing the headstone
Our next stop was brunch at Kneaders. I was hoping they would still have some of there delicious french toast but alas we were too late and they had already sold out so Daniel went for a sandwich and I got the sourdough pancakes. They were still yummy but I was hoping for french toast and nothing could have made up for its lack! Seriously if you live in Utah you MUST go have there french toast one morning.

After we had our fill we headed back to my place were we switched vehicles for Daniels motorcycle and I had my second ride on a motorcycle ever. The first time I was on a motorcycle was about 8 years ago so I was a little nervous. I was eased into it by driving around the neighborhood first and then we went up Little Cottonwood Canyon. It was so much fun and the vistas were gorgeous especially since I could get a unhindered view as we drove. We pulled off the road at one point to this view
And luck was with us because we not only found one $1,000,000 dollar bill but two! Yes we are both super rich! It was so random and funny that they were just there on the side of the road

After that Shman headed home and I had a SUPER lazy afternoon before heading to Provo with Joseph (we are in the same YSA ward and just recently started dating) to meet up with Daniel and some of his friends for a bonfire in Provo canyon.

(Sorry I forgot to take picture of the rest of the evening!)

Now Joseph is 29 and I am 27 and most of Daniels friends are the same age as us, however, Joe and I felt super old for a number of reasons but the biggest one is we came prepared. We went shopping before heading down and got things for S'mores as well as bringing layers, blankets, and chairs. We were the only ones that did. There was a group of guys all in shorts and T's that had to leave early because it was cold. No one else brought chairs to sit on and Shman did grab some stuff for s'mores before coming but we were the only two that did. It was so fly by the seat of your pants that I felt super old and grouchy because I was wanting more structure and planning ahead of time. But alas they are still college kids and even though we are the same age it seems I have outgrown some of the unplanned spontaneous adventures for large groups.  

Joe and I stayed for a little while and enjoyed some campfire goodness but the group was pretty awkward and we decided we would have a lot more fun just the two of us so we headed out early to watch a movie instead.

It was a great day off and was the right combination of activity and lazy, now to begin planning my next vacation day...

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