Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flood Warnings Ahead

I thought I had a date Friday night. Everything was 'set' Thursday night. Meeting at 8:30 to grab dinner at Thanksgiving Point. So Friday by 3 I hadn't heard anything so I check in to get the exact meeting location. What follows is a bizarre way to stand up a girl via text, or as my guys friends enlightened me being totally forgotten by the guy that asked you out and already has another date.


3:13pm Me: Where did you want to meet?

5:20pm Mr. Flood Warning: Lets meet at the state fair at 7

5:32pm Me: Um... change of plans?

5:36pm Mr. Flood Warning: Yeah change of plans. How about we meet 8pm state fair?

5:36pm Me: Should I eat before? We can meet at 7 that's ok just curious why the change

5:39pm Mr. Flood Warning: My plan got rained out. Ya eat before. If we meet at 7 there's some cool stuff going on at the state fair.

5:41pm Me: Alright

5:58pm Mr. Flood Warning: Hey I don't know if that's gonna work out either cause it might be rained out. How about we meet up tues or wed?

The raining had totally stopped hours before this conversation... Blind dates, nothing quite like them.

Blog to you soon,


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Angels of the sky.....

What happens to me on a typical Wednesday night?? I get a very... interesting and creepy email from an admirer. Enjoy the amazing email.

Subject: Are you the angel fell of the sky ?
12:01 AM on 9/5/2013
Hi... After reviewing your profile I was fall in love with your personality. It's warm and welcoming... I wold love to get to know you better please.... And you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen before... Please get back to me asap.... :)

Blog to you soon,