Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Part Two - Trucks, Trailer Hitches and other bumps in the road

The moving saga continues…

We pulled into the third U-Haul of the day and told them of our difficulties. One of the workers, a guy named Keegan, took the truck to the shop and began to work on getting the trailer hitch cut in half so we could get a new one. I am not sure what all he did but at this point it was after four and I was getting very nervous and dad and I hadn’t eaten in hours so I walked over to McDonalds to order some food. I ordered and by the time I got my order my dad pulled up and came in. I was hopeful it was all taken care of and we could go back to U-Haul number 2 and get the trailer. No such luck. Keegan had spent over an hour trying to cut the trailer hit off but to no avail. He recommended we got to a shop with a blow torch and have them remove it.

We went to the shop he recommended but by then it was closed. Neither my dad or I was too surprised but we were just numb with exhaustion at this point. We called my Uncle who lived a few hours away thinking maybe we would stay there and see if he could get it all fixed for us. We didn’t really feel right about it so we went to go cancel our reservation since it was very apparent we would not be getting the trailer that day. After going to that Uhal location we went back to the one with the shop were my dad asked if Keegan had tired an air torch. He hadn’t so he took it back and began working on it again. I can’t remember how long he did the air torch probably around 45 minutes but he came back in with the best news he had finally gotten the old rusty trailer hitch off and we could now replace it!! It was looking like we were going to be able to get the trailer after all and everything could go back on some sort of schedule. He got the new hitch on and was just checking out the rest of the car to make sure we had no issues. He had me step on the break after noticing something that made him nervous, yes there was a leak in the break line that burst open when I hit the brake. We now had a truck with a hitch that was un drivable. I almost had a meltdown! Keegan said he would fix it for us no problem and he would come in early tomorrow and use the shop and we just needed to get the parts. I called my best friend Kris and had her come pick us up and take us to get the parts and then head back to my apartment. I didn’t think it would be a blessing to have not sold the Camry at that time but it truly was and that manifested itself with the truck breaking down.

Early Sunday my dad dropped off the parts to Keegan and then we headed to church. Keegan had guessed that by late afternoon that he would have it fixed but around noon we got a call from him that he got everything fixed for us and the truck was in working order. It was no small miracle that a training mechanic was working at that Uhal to pay the bills! We headed down and thanked Keegan profusely and were able to pick up the trailer Sunday and still be able to leave Monday after my court appearance. We picked up the trailer with no other issues and headed home to enjoy some much needed rest after the adventures of the day before.

Bright and early on Monday morning, June 13th, we had six men from my current ward come to help us load up the trailer. We were done in no time. I was so grateful for all of their help. They were not only had working but they were so positive and helpful and just a joy to have helping. Lots of bantering and joking was going on and I was surprised at myself in how efficiently I kept them busy and was able to get the last minute things packed. We finished with more than enough time to get to the courthouse, I was really stressing over that but it was not necessary.

Dad and I got ready and headed out to the courthouse. I put the address in my GPS and I felt this nagging doubt that I was heading the wrong way but I did put in the address that was on the paperwork. I ‘arrived’ earlier than I needed to but when we got there I knew we were in the wrong place. I had to make a call to Gable who of course was already there and get some directions. I got back on the road this way going in the right direction and now going to arrive later than when my lawyer wanted us there. As on edge as I was already from everything this was not a good or helpful thing. My poor father, I was so frustrated with myself and I was pretty snippy. Finally we made it and in ok time. We waited a few minutes and then we went into face the judge. Now this was my first experience ever in a courthouse and I was really shocked at the formality of it all for some reason. It was so ostentatious and I started to freak out that I would mess up. My dad was in the back where the audience can sit and I was right in front of the judge. Luckily I had a great lawyer that locked eyes with me and started the process and I never looked away from him. He said his ‘lines’ is really the only way to say it. It was a ton he had to say for me and then for Gable! But I managed just fine the only thing that took me by surprise was that I had to answer that I had no children and that I was not currently pregnant as a result of this marriage. It’s a very awkward question to be asked in front of strangers but finally we got the stamp of approval and I was once again single.

It was a strange experience but liberating at the same time. I wasn’t crying or anything but I really wanted to get out of Gable’s presence and get on the road. We had a 13 hour drive ahead of us after the courtroom but when I walked to where my dad was he was whipping some tears from his eyes. I was mad at this, because of all the pain I went through because of Gable’s actions my dad was still sad to lose him. I was on edge and maybe if things had been calmer the proceeding days I would have had a different reaction but there was only anger when I saw that. We had an incredibly awkward goodbye with Gable and a very cordial one with my lawyer and we went back to find the car in the maze of the courthouse and its parking lot. I was still very edgy and emotional but we finally got to my apartment changed and got ready to hit the road.

I have to back track just a bit here and say that I am so very blessed that I had Bishop Albrecht when I was going through this divorce process for so many reasons but lastly he let us park the still unsold Toyota Camry at his house until my dad could fly out and drive it back to Colorado to sell. My amazing friends and family through this whole process was the biggest blessing. It was the only thing that kept me sane with all the logistics this process entailed. I am so grateful for how readily I was blessed by those around me.

Ok back on track again, we dropped the car off and then it was Dad, Me, Roxy and the trailer. Luckily the trailer didn’t drag that much and my dad and I had a very smooth trip with no real complications. The AC didn’t work but luckily it was a cool day to travel and we had semi cool air blowing into the car at all times. But after all the encounters we had with the truck and getting ready to move the actual trip was perfect. We made good time and we rolled up to my new place at about 1am on Tuesday June 14th. It was such a relief to finally be there!

The next day the unloading went just as smoothly and I finally started to feel calm and relaxed again. We had a few men from my new ward and my family to help. Unloading the boxes went quickly and I was able to kind of relax the rest of the day before I started my new job the next day.

The first month here in SC is kind of blur of working and outings to the beach and spending some awesome girl time with my new roomie and my sister. But now live has settled down and I am still loving living here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trucks, Trailer Hitches and other bumps in the road

My move is over and was accomplished safely. However, the process of getting everything ready turned into a very interesting story were I went from frustrated to the verge of tears to being very blessed. This wonderful journey begins with my truck. The truck that I just got that has lots of character shall we say. It's not exactly a lemon but the guy that sold it to me took me for a bit of a ride. My first big indicator was I was leaking power steering fluid, like I drove an hour and I had to fill it up again. I was doing errands one Saturday and I had to use 3/4 of a bottle to keep me going. I tried to get in contact with the seller who said they would look at it and fix it. Yep never happened so Firestone fixed it but told me that it was only a temporary fix and that I would have to get it fixed in like six months and that it would be over a grand to do so. Yeah I wasn't buying it so I called my dad and had them talk to him. Turns out the truth is it is a temporary fix but should last the remainder of my trucks life so I didn't need to do that $1,000 job after all. Love that I get swindled and lied to because of my gender at car shops, it’s amazing!!

This turned out to be the first of many fun projects my Roxy would have to have before we were able to rent a trailer and move, but luckily my dad flew in Friday, June 10th. Saturday was our logistics day as the move was happening on Monday mid morning. We started Saturday with some last minute store shopping for car stuff to make sure we wouldn’t get stranded in some crazy part of West Virginia. My dad was very concerned that the trucks A/C wasn’t working, oh yeah did I mentioned I discovered that as I was driving for an appointment an hour away?! So we got some do it yourself A/C stuff and loads of other items. There we were in the Walmart parking lot trying to fix the A/C. Didn’t work, but thankfully the air still blew it just wasn’t cold. Our next stop was U-Haul! So we get there decide on the size trailer and then we take a look at my hitch. For starters the trailer hitch ball was rusted solid. We couldn't turn it or loosen it at all. Then we try the connector for the trailer lights. At first it look like it was going to be good but one light wasn’t working so my dad and the U-Haul worker commence an hour long adventure trying to figure out the rats nest that is the wiring in the back of the truck. Amazingly he was able to get it to work but recommend we go to another U-Haul across town that would be able to fix my hitch and also had the trailer size we were looking for.

The second U-Haul started out smoothly we got all the paperwork taken care of and we got to the point of hooking up my truck to the trailer. We told the worker what the other U-Haul worker had said and she gave us this dumb founded look. Yeah so she tried, I went out and bought some rust buster and soaked the thing. No luck but she called yet another U-Haul location that had a workshop that should be able to help us. So around this time it’s like 3ish or so. My dad and I were hoping to load up that night but it wasn’t looking like it was possible. So we head to U-Haul number three which funny enough we had passed and noticed on our way to U-Haul number two.

To Be Continued....