Monday, February 21, 2011

When Things Don't Turn Out The Way You Expect

Recently I have been hearing this a lot,'You are so young, you have so much time'. It's funny the different perspectives you hear versus your own. I can feel so old and, in my current circumstances, running quickly out of time to have the life I want. Logically I am not old, and still have plenty of time but with the uncertainty of my life it doesn't feel that way. When I saw my self at this age even a few years ago I thought I would of had children and be happy and content writing in my free time, doing Mary Kay and being a mom. But when you plan life it certainly has a way of disrupting those plans.

This past weekend I moved out of the apartment I shared with my husband and into another that I share with a roommate. It was kind of a surreal event even though this past year of hardship in my marriage was leading up to something like this. I almost feel like a little girl playing college, but the realities come around the bend and hit me full force that I am a married woman who is planning on moving back in with her parents in a few months. Not in the original life plan.

And yet I am amazed at all the many miracles that have proceed this event and continue to pop up for me. The overwhelming support I have received from all over the nation. And the fortitude of strength my God has given me and the love and comfort that I feel from him often. I know some people have thought I am very strong and courageous but in reality it is all borrowed strength from my Savior. I am so grateful for his influence in my life and the ability I have to have the spirit direct me in the paths I should go.

So for now life is good, tune in for pictures of the new DIGS!!

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