Monday, December 5, 2011

Recap: A Season To Express Thankfulness

I made it through the month with my goal. I wanted to write a handwritten note of gratitude to a different person every day. Now I didn't make it all 30 days but I was really close and actually didn't keep count so I wouldn't lose sight of the spirit of the goal. It was pretty amazing especially since in the middle of it my sisters household where I live was hit with one thing after another. It was really compounded in November for some reason and every week there was a new challenge of things breaking. The cherry on top was that we got lice, meaning all the girl,s so grooming, chemical treatments, boiling water hair baths and mayo hair treatments to kill the buggers was not putting me in the thankful spirit. But that humbling/humiliating experience allowed me to really see the hand of the Lord in our lives. We were so blessed with amazing friends that braved coming into the infested house to help with the 'monkey grooming' and stopping them from spreading. My sister has incredibly thick, like the size of a fist for a pony tail thick hair and it is very long. She has such beautiful and we both were close to chopping our hair off because we were so frustrated but several friends stepped in and assisted in the 5+ hours it would take to go through her hair. We were very blessed in our difficulties.

On the flip side people were very grateful to receive thank you notes. One friend told me he had never received a note like that in his whole life. I was a bit surprised because he is an older man, but that I was the first to give him something so unique in his experience was very touching. It made my month much sweeter and more reflective as I pondered how many things I really have been blessed with.

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